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Cock & Hens Mendip Dry Stone Walling Topping Stones Dumping Bag

Cock & Hens Mendip Dry Stone Walling Topping Stones Dumping Bag

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One full dumpy bag of Cock and Hens dry stone walling toppers stone.


Cocks from 220 to 250mm tall

Hens from 160mm to 200mm tall

What Are Cock and Hen Stones?

Cock and hen stones refer to the alternating upright stones placed on the top of a dry stone wall. Typically, "cocks" are the taller, narrower stones, while "hens" are shorter and broader. This distinctive style is both traditional and practical, offering a rustic charm that enhances the natural beauty of your wall.

Why Use Cock and Hens?

  1. Aesthetic Appeal: The alternating pattern of cock and hen stones provides a classic, timeless look that can elevate the appearance of any garden or landscape.

  2. Structural Benefits: These stones help to lock the top layer of the wall in place, adding stability and resistance against displacement from wind or other elements.

  3. Deterrence: The uneven surface created by cock and hens can deter animals or even people from walking along the top of the wall, thus protecting it from potential damage.

Each stone is different size depth thicknes and shape, the small one fit with the big one to make the wall.

One bag is approx 0.60 m3

Come pick your own or we can load the bags with random stones.

Unless local delivery would be with a tail lift pallet service.
We do ask you check before ordered to make sure we cover your area for delivery

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