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34 1/8"X 66 1/4" Old Stripped Pitch Pine 6 Plank Framed Plank Door Reclamation

34 1/8"X 66 1/4" Old Stripped Pitch Pine 6 Plank Framed Plank Door Reclamation

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6 plank framed plank door which has a V chamfer
Made from: Pitch Pine
Either internal or external use
Finish: Stripped
Used condition
Has not be cut square at the bottom,Has not be cut square at the side,We have measured to make the door square,Some of the panels are bowed,Some old nail or screw holes ,Well made with mortise and tenant joints,Would benefit from a sanding
No hinges
As well as the description & detailed measurements, we have taken 12 pictures, please look through them in detail
2 of these photos have the following comments,
4th picture shows left side has been cut to fit an unusual door size
11th picture shows would sand down to reveal a lovely door

If you have any other questions then please ask.

168.3cm or 66 1/4"
**Height could be cut down by 17cm**
**3cm off the top 14cm off the bottom**
**Which could make the height as low as 151.3cm or 59 1/2 inches**

Width: 86.7cm or 34 1/8"
**Width could be cut by 2cm**
**Which could make it as narrow as 84.7cm or 33 1/4 inches**

Door Thickness: 4.5cm or 1 3/4 inches

**This information is a guide only, the amount that can be cut is from the top or the bottom or both and the same with the sides, it may be possible to cut more but it might effect the strength or look
Also note we measure using CM and then it gets converted to inches & rounded down to the nearest eighth (1/8) of an inch

Approximate Weight: 31kg or 68lbs
Approximate age: Old

No hinges but we may have some old hinges in stock that may suitable for this item, get in touch if you need some.

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Delivery Code: 44
MPN: R6104
Main Material: Pitch Pine
Other Materials:

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