A Frosty December Morning at the Yard

A Frosty December Morning at the Yard
It’s the 1st of December, and the day welcomed us with a crisp, frosty start at the yard. As I stepped outside, the cold air nipped at my cheeks, and I couldn’t help but notice the forklift frozen in its place, a testament to the winter chill that had settled overnight.

Gloved hands fumbled with keys as I worked to thaw the forklift, each breath visible in the frigid air. The promise of a busy day ahead lingered in the cold, but first, a visit to the cows was in order. Their patient eyes greeted me, seemingly unfazed by the winter freeze.

Returning to the frozen forklift, it finally roared to life, and with determined hands, I set out to load up for a day of deliveries in and around Bath. The landscape, adorned with a delicate layer of frost, painted a picturesque scene as I navigated through the chilly morning.

The rhythmic hum of the engine accompanied my thoughts as I planned the day’s route. The promise of warm deliveries contrasted with the frosty surroundings, a reminder that even in the coldest moments, there’s a purpose that propels us forward.

As the wheels turned and the morning progressed, I couldn’t help but anticipate a well-deserved breakfast stop. Perhaps a quaint café with steaming mugs and a comforting atmosphere, offering a moment of respite from the winter’s grasp.

And so, with the forklift laden and the cows content, the journey continued. December had begun with a frosty embrace, but with each delivery, a warmth and purpose unfolded, turning a chilly morning into a day filled with potential and progress.
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